• Panorama

    Panorama has been mastering the sonic craftsmanship since 2006. Being influenced by minimal, downtempo and early drum’n’bass it was only a matter of time before his music became recognized and respected. Panorama was one of those DJ-turned-producer guys but he wasn’t motivated by fame or need for more gigs. Being deeply in love with music meant that composing his own was the next move. Drum’n’bass was always Panorama’s main focus although his occasional forays into downtempo can be also heard. → more info

  • Peejay

    Peejay has been born to be a musician. Intimate relationship with music seems to be running in his family blood as both of his brothers are likewise obsessed with music. Peejay initially used to play guitar in a band but he chose to swap guitar strings for computer mouse and dove deep into production of electronic music. And his beginnings sound almost cliché. He started as a DJ which led him to production of his own music, and that amusement quickly turned into something he fell in love with. → more info

  • A-Cray

    If there's such thing as an exception to a rule, it's called A-Cray. Good things usually take time but this eighteen years old producer leaps ahead at light speed. And he already stomped many experienced Czech producers to the ground. In only two years A-Cray managed to be one of the most sought after drum'n'bass producers in the country. Which didn't go unnoticed by Kasra, owner of the mighty Critical Music label. → more info

  • Hemoglobin

    Destiny has its own ways. If it wasn’t for health problems Hemoglobin could perhaps be one of the major Czech soccer stars. But his path to success took him somewhere else entirely. Being young and curious Hemoglobin started to experiment with music production. And as it’s often the case his beginnings were a little shy and far from being outstanding. They also led Hemoglobin to produce anything but drum’n’bass. He composed trance, house, breakbeat and even techno back then. → more info

  • Ower

    There's only one obstruction on Ower's path to success. The man himself. He's often shackled by perfectionism, affection for many musical genres and by times of production impotence. But when he actually manages to finish tunes, you can usually expect sophisticated smasher that's probably going to be successful. And the man himself admits that positive feedback always gets him back on track and he's excited to make music again. → more info