If there's such thing as an exception to a rule, it's called A-Cray. Good things usually take time but this eighteen years old producer leaps ahead at light speed. And he already stomped many experienced Czech producers to the ground. In only two years A-Cray managed to be one of the most sought after drum'n'bass producers in the country. Which didn't go unnoticed by Kasra, owner of the mighty Critical Music label.

A-Cray is unstoppable musical force that creates one dancefloor smasher after another. His tunes usually hover on the borderline of deep and techy. Which hardly comes as  a surprise if you consider his roots. It was his father - a DJ and techno producer - who helped A-Cray to discover beauty of music. This explains the subtle dose of aggressivity you can usually feel from tunes of the young producer.

A-Cray is fond of current musical scene but also has a thing for lovely Czech beer. And since he's not a planning type, his aim is simple - always strive to release on more impressive labels. So far he manages to do that more than well.

You can check A-Cray's music on Soundcloud.

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