Destiny has its own ways. If it wasn’t for health problems Hemoglobin could perhaps be one of the major Czech soccer stars. But his path to success took him somewhere else entirely. Being young and curious Hemoglobin started to experiment with music production. And as it’s often the case his beginnings were a little shy and far from being outstanding. They also led Hemoglobin to produce anything but drum’n’bass. He composed trance, house, breakbeat and even techno back then.

Nowadays Hemoglobin delivers brilliant drum’n’bass and dubstep tunes in various styles and forms. Needless to say his inspiration says it all. With his talent it’s hard to do wrong when you’re being influenced by the likes of Noisia, Phace, Icicle or Kryptic Minds.

„I like both minimal and maximal“ says Hemoglobin with a big grin on his face. And this is also the case with his sets that offer thoughtful deep tracks as well as fierce techy tunes.

You can check Hemoglobin’s music on Soundcloud.

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