There's only one obstruction on Ower's path to success. The man himself. He's often shackled by perfectionism, affection for many musical genres and by times of production impotence. But when he actually manages to finish tunes, you can usually expect sophisticated smasher that's probably going to be successful. And the man himself admits that positive feedback always gets him back on track and he's excited to make music again.

Ower believes that there's a bit of quality music in any genre. So his production diversity hardly comes as a surprise. And being open to new musical influences is one of the most important ways to grow yourself as an artist. After eight good years of production, Ower is already living in his own production microcosm. A space full of weird basslines and punchy beats. So it's not a matter of talent, but a matter of finishing more of the god damn stuff. If the guy manages to churn out more tunes a year, we're going to hear about this one a lot.

You can check Ower's music on Soundcloud.

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