Panorama has been mastering the sonic craftsmanship since 2006. Being influenced by minimal, downtempo and early drum’n’bass it was only a matter of time before his music became recognized and respected. Panorama was one of those DJ-turned-producer guys but he wasn’t motivated by fame or need for more gigs. Being deeply in love with music meant that composing his own was the next move. Drum’n’bass was always Panorama’s main focus although his occasional forays into downtempo can be also heard.

Panorama loves both PC and Mac platforms and he’s fluent with various digital audio workstations such as Logic Pro, FL Studio or Reason. Rumors say that he‘s been also picking up the marvelous Ableton Live. He loves drum’n’bass for its diversity and his sets contain intelligent liquid, stirring deep tunes and deadly techy bits. Catchy groove is all that matters.

You can check Panorama’s music on Soundcloud.

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Panorama's professional life is focused on copywriting, and his portfolio can be found at