Peejay has been born to be a musician. Intimate relationship with music seems to be running in his family blood as both of his brothers are likewise obsessed with music. Peejay initially used to play guitar in a band but he chose to swap guitar strings for computer mouse and dove deep into production of electronic music. And his beginnings sound almost cliché. He started as a DJ which led him to production of his own music, and that amusement quickly turned into something he fell in love with.

Fast-forward a few years and Peejay’s already a winner of a remix competition of Czech band 100° C. His talent also landed him third place in remix of tune by Loxy & Resound called Typecast.

He initially struggled with old school type of sequencing programs called trackers. These programs are testament of a great appetite for music production as composing in trackers resembles programming. They require a great deal of patience which Peejay does possess. Though he produces in Logic these days.

You can check Peejay's music on Soundcloud.

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