Third release is for the fussy ones, have a listen

Newest release might be reminiscent of Subwave’s earlier productions. Sintez’s extremely minimal tune entitled Elephant Track just screams “Tease me” and Other Spectrum’s Hyperbaria is the kind of tune you want to start or end the party with.

Authentic 003 is hardly a release that will cater to masses but that makes us no less proud of it. If you’re that thoughtful type of a guy, you’ll be feeling at home with this one. You can get it in many online stores such as Beatport, Juno, Digital Tunes or iTunes.

Russian producer Sintez has previously debuted on Future Thinkin’ Records where he joined rooster of people like Sabre, Eveson or Escher.  Other Spectrum is Latvian newcomer that just started climbing up the ranks. However his talent for groove is immense and we’ll be definitely hearing more from this guy.

This single will be followed by a release that is already supported by people like Octane & DLR, Mortem or Mako. We’re talking about Ower’s über tight single containing Research and The Missing Words. You can expect that to hit shops by the end of March.

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