Fearful about their remix work: Time was ticking past too fast

Keeping tabs only on well established names might be a major mistake. Such is the case with Fearful who are only starting to pave their way into the drum'n'bass scene. Yet they are already supported by people like Hybris, Emperor, Synkro, Amoss, Quadrant or Chris S.U. And their approach to successful remix of Ketones Under Control might be of interest to you.

Fearful is a British duo from Brighton with previous releases on labels like Structured Music, Citrus and Different.

Fearful guys

What did you like about the original tune?

The vibe is what sticks out, its relentlessly moving forward with a big emphasis on percussion and science fiction style synths and atmospheres. We love tracks that focus on atmosphere and percussion.  We ended up using a lot of the pads and reverbs from the percussion.

What was the initial idea you started working with?

Just cutting up the original samples into snippets and rearranging and reprocessing them - starting with the beat. We like slightly more disjointed and irregular patterns while retaining a groove. The bass has gone through several layers of resampling.

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Was it hard work or did your version come together naturally?

It took us a while to get the main groove down, but once that happened the progressions came pretty naturally. There was lots to work with from the original samples so we had a lot of freedom.

Did you try to work on different versions and pick one or was it just this one?

We had 3 different versions after a month or so. There was one that stood out as the best overall but we raided the others for ideas and sounds so it worked out pretty well.

How long did it take to create the remix?

About a month. As our first proper remix, we spent a lot of time double checking stuff was sounding good. Throw exams and new jobs in there and time ticks past too fast.

What's your favourite thing about your version?

The beat pattern, which is syncopated over two bars. Also the noise that sounds like an aeroplane taking off.

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Did you use any new samples or is the whole thing made just from the original sample pack?

We made an effort to use our own samples along with the remix pack because we want to add something new to the mix/composition. It means the final product has new elements for people to get into along with the things that made the original great.

Was there any particular inspiration for this remix?

The inspiration came from trying to keep to a dark Sci-fi theme. It's something we always come back to in our tracks and we are starting to embrace it as our sound. It made sense to go in that direction. And a bonus was that the original track already had those elements of Sci-fi, which we could emphasize and use as scaffolding for the rest of the track.