Hemoglobin's progressive Diversity EP is out

First he captured attention of Sunchase and conquered digital Distribution Juno, now he’s going to dominate the entire web. We’re talking about Hemoglobin who’s releasing Diversity EP on Authentic Music in december 2012. This EP will be his first release after the highly successful track entitled Avoid.

Avoid was the seventeenth best selling drum’n’bass song on Juno Digital for November. The tune has outperformed the newest single by Sabre ad EP by Ulterior Motive. We’re hoping for similar success with Diversity EP. And reception so far has been pretty good.

Diversity EP can be described as a progressive compilation of tracks with elaborate sound design and savvy arrangements. EP offers colorful selection of drum’n’bass with soothing remix of Cloud, nicely phat sound of Enemy, cleverly deep Ketones Under Control and straight dancefloor roller entitled Untouched.

You can find the release on Juno, Beatport, TrackitDown and in many more shops. Go & get it!