Authentic tunes you probably haven't heard but you should

A little history recap for new fans might be in order. We decided to pick seven brilliant tunes from the past, and briefly put them into the spotlight.

#1 Ower's insanely groovy tune has been one of the first Authentic tunes to catch attention of major names. We still love it and rinse it to this day, and there's a VIP version that will eventually come out.

#2 One of the very first tunes to come out on Authentic Music. This track was initially supposed to have vocals, and some were even recorded but the duo decided not to use them.

#3 Minimal at its best. Tight thing reminiscent of Subwave's earlier work is sure to work well as teasing material.

#4 Enemy is best suited as intro tune, that is sure to build up tight atmosphere, and warm up the crowd for things to come.

#5 Smart liquid tune that used to be heavily rinsed by Andy Komatic from the mighty Technimatic duo. This bit always makes our mood better.

#6 Deep roller that will make your subwoofer go mad. Wanna get Down pulsates, growls, and makes you move the right way.

#7 Original version of this tune is Authentic classic by now, and brighton's duo Fearful did an excellent job with reimagining this as even more powerful dancefloor material.