These remixes are ode to creativity

Do you hate remixes that are too similar to original tune? Don't worry, next release on Authentic Music is nothing like that. These two remixes are taking their original tunes into exciting new direction. Often carefully using elements that only earnest of listeners will recognize, remixes crafted with precision that led their authors to create more takes and pick the best one.

Fearful's rework of Ketones Under Control offers their trademark fusion of sci-fi elements and dark sounds. Fearful even call this their first proper remix so they worked on three different versions. And spent about a month on getting the tune sounding tight.

"There was one version that stood out as the best overall but we raided the others for ideas and sounds so it worked out pretty well," say Fearful. And you know the hard work is paying off when the remix quickly gains support of some of the major scene players.

"Pretty original. Love Fearful's work here. Wicked rolling beats and twisted synths on this one!" - Sunchase

But Hemoglobin's remix of April needs not to stay in the shadow. Extremely mellow and highly emotional. Definitely not a tune to rock dancefloors during their primetime. But a brilliant piece of music to start a set with or to relax to while you're on the road.

When Hemoglobin thinks about his inspiration for the tune, he says it's hard to pin point any. But he admits that his newly found love of Synkro might have influenced him. And he also says he's especially proud of the combination of synthetic and acoustic bass which resulted in pretty intriguing sound.

Info overview

Authentic Remixes single has been released 16th of September.
Supported by: Hybris, Sunchase & Quadrant
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Original version of Ketones Under Control