Definate's debut EP: Best new producer according to some

Skankandbass called the guy the best newcomer. Estonia's very own Definate is a master of cinematic intros, soulful melodies, crisp percussions, punchy drums, and fat, rich-sounding basslines. So expect all of those on his debut solo release.

text: Fallen Gemini

Being a promising talent, Definate spends his nights chasing for undiscovered music of various genres to find inspiration. Despite discovering his natural production habitat to be around 170 bpm range, he rarely goes to drum & bass nights, preferring techno or deep house instead.

He‘s also quite a perfectionist as each of those four EP tunes had many completely different versions. The guy spent almost a year and the half tweaking this EP. And as if that wasn’t enough,  Never Lasting is the first tune he has ever finished, as far back as early 2010.

The other three tunes were made during his travels around Australia. Bunk Dub for example came together on a bunk bed in a four-bed dorm, during Definate's recovery from a bad sunburn.

Down & Under EP is set to be released on Authentic Music, coming out 29th September as Beatport exclusive, hitting all the other digital outlets 2 weeks later.

Tunes from Down & Under EP can be found in mixes by Kasra, Foreign Concept, Icicle, Chris.Su and others.