Ower on production: I can be so bored that I create stuff out of thin air

Has Ower been born to be a musician or is he simply a child of fortune? Sometimes it’s a matter of solid vision, other times he simply has no clue where the idea came from. That much he admits in our production interview where he outlines his techniques and production mindset.

Ower is twenty two years old producer from Czech and his single Research / The Missing Words has recently been released on Authentic Music.


Are you more of a synth guy or do you prefer sampling?
My first steps were Hip Hop ones so my workflow is better with samples but I am not light on synths use either. I often create some basic sound in a synth, sample it and further tweak it by cutting it, reversing it, filtering it and so on. Then I sample the result again and this cycle repeats until I am happy with the way it sounds.

Could you describe your approach to beatmaking?
Kick can be layered but I don’t usually do it. I always blend different layers when working on snare though. For snare I can use up to four or five sounds. Then I add percussion, hats, rides, crashes and stuff like this. And I also use simple breaks to liven things up.

How do you usually compose your tunes? Do you try to have somewhat unified style?
I always start with a blank project so I guess I don’t have my own kind of sound. I am a multigenre producer which makes it hard to get stuff sounding unified.

What’s your approach to production? Do you usually have a certain sound in mind or do you just play around?
Sometimes I start with a solid idea that usually changes a couple of times during production. At other times I just listen to samples and get inspired by them or I am so bored that I come up with something out of thin air. I usually start with beat, follow it with a bass line and then work on the rest.

Do you finish each tune?
Definitely not. As a multigenre producer I work on several different projects. And when it’s not a collaboration or a remix, I often forget some of them exist. I usually produce a tune until I get stuck with it and then let it rest for a while. Then I work on different projects. This is why I have a lot of unfinished stuff but I try to get back to these projects later on.

What are your main sources of inspiration?
Its going to sound like a cliché but inspiration is everywhere around us. Once you open up to a certain cultural style it’s easier to apprehend other styles as well. Inspiration can come from different musical genres, interviews, books, movies or even from a beautiful sunny day. It can be anything really.

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If someone asked you to compose an album, what would it mean to you?

I plan multigenre album for quite some time now but I’d say I am not ready yet. If someone offered me to do an album, I would probably turn him down. But it definitely depends on the person who would ask me.

What software and hardware do you use?
Laptop MSI GT628 series, headphones Panasonic RP-HT010 and FL Studio 9 as a DAW. Quite funny isn’t it?

What are your favorite plugins?
Most important ones probably are Massive, Absynth and Albino 3.

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