Ower’s single is out. It charmed Octane & DLR and Mortem

Ower’s release is the strongest one yet. Judging by objective criteria that is... as rating tunes on your own label is like preferring one of your own children over another. And we're proud of them all.

But in this case you can find the tunes in Fabriclive x Dispatch set by Octane & DLR or Metalheadz podcast mixed by Mortem. And the list of impressive names is far from over. That comes as no surprise as both tunes sport tight production and exceptional groove.

What other producers have to say

"Research is a great track from a producer I need to keep an eye on, great production and a killer drop on this one!" - Ant TC1 (Dispatch)

"The missing words is a tune that always has place in my set since the moment I’ve recieved it. Deep, rolling and with perfect amount of bass. Drum’n’bass the way I like it."
- Mortem (Metalheadz)

Supported by: Octane & DLR, Mortem, Mako, Komatic, Phil Hustle, Minor Rain, Fade and others.