Seek Out EP: All you need to know & a free tune

Check out feedback of famous producers, artwork of the debut release and information about a free tune. Seek Ot EP is already enjoying some nice support and the release will hit digital shops 29th of October.

Seek Out EP is available on Beatport, iTunes, Juno, TrackitDown and in many other shops.

What other producers have to say

Great mixture of techy and melodic drum & bass.
June Miller (Ram Records)

New quality label and great producers from Czech always please my heart. Hopefully many achievements are to come.
Rido (Metalheadz)

 „It can well sound like I’m tooting my own horn as I’m featured on some of those tracks, but this really is some tight quality-controlled debut release kickstarting what I hope to be a great new Czech label! The keyword here is tasteful. Good luck, great things ahead.
- Brooklyn (Subtitles)

Supported by: Komatic (Shogun), Unquote (Medschool), Flame (Fokuz), Brooklyn (Subtitles), Minor Rain (Samurai Music), Exit9 (Alignment), Cutworks (Celsius).

Clips and a free tune

We want everyone to celebrate as we excitedly await our first release. Download Peejay's tune New Species for free

Peejay - New Species by Authentic Music